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The Organization

Malindi Islamic Centre for Orphans was established in 1994 during the holy month of Ramadhan and registered with the register of societies in Nairobi in 1997.  The organization is working with orphans within Malindi and Watamu.


“To transform the lives and livelihood of orphans”


“Empower the Orphans, academically, socially and Economical”

The objectives of the organization include;
  • To develop unity and intellectual contact amongst Malindi Muslims in the Republic of Kenya.
  • To develop the welfare of all Muslim destitute orphans in Malindi District.
  • To establish and sustain a Centre for orphans in Malindi.
  • The society has no political objectives.
  • To organize fund raising through the contributing mosques and well-wishers towards achieving the objectives of the society.
  • To carry out investments, developments and income generating projects towards achieving the objectives of the society.


The organization has a primary school called Malindi Orphans Academy. The orphans who are enrolled in the school are provided with the following services;

  1. Payment of school fees and Madrassa fees
  2. Provided with lunch
  3. Provided with uniforms
  4. Books
  5. Medical cover
  6. Idd-ul Fitri support

The organization emphasizes its members to be enrolled with this school to be able to benefit from these services.

Those who are learning in other primary schools are provided with medical cover and those learning in secondary schools are provided with school fees and the organization is looking for well wishers to give them more support