Supporting Orphans

During the period between January 2013 and December 2014 the organization was able to support 604 orphans consisting of 256 females and 348 males. They were supported with education, medical cover, and other essentials. This support has enabled the orphans to feel part of the community and be able to have their lives back and pursue their dreams.

Sponsor an Orphans.

One of the most important deeds in this world and the hereafter is taking care oaf an orphan.Through sponsorship an individual can make a long life difference to a child.By sponsoring an orphan , your prayers, your encouragement & financial support will directly help transform the life of a child and make him/her a better person in future.

The orphans sponsorship programs  provides critical financial support for our children served by the community.The annual funding from the community is not limited to  support for food, clothing, books &stationary, medical and educational need to provide better care for the children.

Sponsorship a child is $56  a month.Each program we support has varied number of children and the need to support them.


Registration of the Orphans

Orphans are registered at the 20 mosques which are recognized by the organization. Once the orphans are registered with the respective mosque near where the orphan stays his particulars are forwarded to the organization. The following are the mosques where orphans are registered;

  1. Al Nur Kisumu ndogo
  2. Al Rahma Central
  3. Tawheed Barani
  4. Al- Munawar Ngala
  5. Miftahul Kheir Muyeye
  6. Taqwa Maweni Santafee
  7. Al-Rudayn Alaskan
  8. Masjid Bomani Kwa Bawaly
  9. Sheikh Nassor Bomani
  10. Al-Nur Round about Total
  11. Al-Rawdhwa Mijikenda
  12. Ibn Abbas Shella
  13. Masjid jumaa Kwa Baathman
  14. Al-Ferouz Kwa jiwa
  15. Qubaa Shella
  16. Masjid Shella Shella
  17. Mdaris Shella
  18. Seiban Shella
  19. Al-Saada Majengo
  20. Watamu Jamia Watamu