Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Kenya

Orphans and Vulnerable Children in KenyaOrphans and Vulnerable Children in Kenya are often not taken care of by the community. The Malindi centre for orphans has an elaborate well planned programmes that cater specific the need of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Kenya especially those in Malindi. 

Malindi Islamic Center for Orphans provide the following programs:

    • Early Childhood and development  program(ECDE)

Malindi Orphans Academy provide ECDE education which is designed to stimulate the development of children between the ages of 3-7 years and to help parents to give them the best possible start in life.

    • Integrated Primary Education.

The School provide free integrated Primary education system to  the Orphans and also serves Non-Orphans within the community at affordable fees.

    • Secondary School bursary scheme.

The Organization provide supports to the Orphans selected to pursue their Secondary education in form of bursary of 10,000/= annually. Discipline and performance is being monitored to ensure that students  excel and become better citizens.

    • Health care

Malindi Islamic Center for Orphans provide free health care to our beloved orphans.The students seek medication at Tawfiq Hospital.We also do annually free medical to our students and their parents/guardian at Malindi Orphans Academy. Our Medical camp is normally sponsored by the well wishes; among the well wishers include Afya International Hospital.

    • College/ University

At M.I.C.O different professional fields are sponsored in relation to availability of funds. Courses are prioritized according to the community needs with teaching profession ranked at the top and granted fully sponsorship. Other courses are sponsored partially

Malindi Islamic Centre for Orphans - Boys
Malindi Islamic Centre for Orphans - Girls
The objectives of the organization include;
      • To develop unity and intellectual contact amongst Malindi Muslims in the Republic of Kenya.
      • To develop the welfare of all Muslim destitute orphans in Malindi District.
      • To establish and sustain a Centre for orphans in Malindi.
      • The society has no political objectives.
      • To organize fund raising through the contributing mosques and well-wishers towards achieving the objectives of the society.
      • To carry out investments, developments and income generating projects towards achieving the objectives of the society.


Thank you ! Your donation to MALINDI ORPHANS will go towards the highest priority to assist the orphans at any given time to ensure that their needs are cater for timely ad effectively. 

  • The Academy

    The Malindi Orphans Academy is an institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for teaching of the pupils under the direction of teachers. It was started in 2008 as a center orphans as ….. [+]



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