The Governing Council for M.I.C.O

Children’s Home in Kenya

The Governing Council Children’s Home in Kenya is mandated to ensuring children’s welfare and their rights are protected and followed to the later. The Governing Council Children’s Home in Kenya key responsibilities are well articulated in laws of Kenya. 

Consist of 22 elected members, one member from each mosque, they represent the people from each mosque, make important decisions of allocation of funds among orphans and oversee the running of the organization. 

The management Committee

The organization has 7 elected office bearers who are responsible for the day to day running of the organization. They include;

Children's Home in Kenya
      • Chairman
      • Vice Chairman
      • Secretary
      • Assistant Secretary
      • Treasurer
      • Assistant Treasurer
      • Organizing Secretary


The organization has 4 appointed Trustees by the council of Governors who have control of the money and property of the organization. They provide guidance and support to ensure smooth running of the organization.

Children's Home in Kenya
Children's Home in Kenya
The objectives of the organization include;
      • To develop unity and intellectual contact amongst Malindi Muslims in the Republic of Kenya.
      • To develop the welfare of all Muslim destitute orphans in Malindi District.
      • To establish and sustain a Centre for orphans in Malindi.
      • The society has no political objectives.
      • To organize fund raising through the contributing mosques and well-wishers towards achieving the objectives of the society.
      • To carry out investments, developments and income generating projects towards achieving the objectives of the society.


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