The Malindi Orphans

Supporting Orphans During the period between January 2013 and December 2014 the organization was able to support 604 orphans consisting of 256 females and 348 males. The Malindi orphans were supported with education, medical cover, and other essentials. This support has enabled the Malindi orphans to feel part of the community and be able to have their lives back and pursue their dreams.

VISION: “We envision to transforming the life and livelihood of the orphans”

MISSION: “To empower the orphan educationally, socially and economically”

New Constitution

The organization has been able to create a new constitution which is better than the earlier constitution. It has borrowed the good parts of the former constitution made the functions of the organization more clearer which has made the work of the organization more efficient and be able to serve the Malindi orphans and the community. 

Children of Malindi kids
The Malindi Orphans
The objectives of the organization include;
      • To develop unity and intellectual contact amongst Malindi Muslims in the Republic of Kenya.
      • To develop the welfare of all Muslim destitute orphans in Malindi District.
      • To establish and sustain a Centre for orphans in Malindi.
      • The society has no political objectives.
      • To organize fund raising through the contributing mosques and well-wishers towards achieving the objectives of the society.
      • To carry out investments, developments and income generating projects towards achieving the objectives of the society.


Thank you ! Your donation to MALINDI ORPHANS will go towards the highest priority to assist the orphans at any given time to ensure that their needs are cater for timely ad effectively. 

  • The Academy

    The Malindi Orphans Academy is an institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for teaching of the pupils under the direction of teachers. It was started in 2008 as a center orphans as ….. [+]



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