Why we need urgent care and attention

Why we need urgent care and attention

The Malindi Orphans Academy started in 2004 as a place to help the orphans. It was started by Malindi Islamic Centre for Orphans coming together helping the less fortunate in Malindi and its nearby areas. At present there are 476 pupils; 254 boys and 222 girls. An integration system is the one being followed in this institution. Both Islamic and Kenya system of education are carried at this school.

Teachers:- there are 29 teachers and four support staff members.

Accounts office:- this is manned by an account clerk.

Classes:- there are 19 classes.

Why we need urgent care and attention at the moment

Playground:- this is not enough to accommodate the school pupils. The ground is lacking playing equipment for the nursery Children. In the morning and then follow in the daily timetable

Desks:- there are 323 desks enough for all classes the sitting Arrangement is now at the ratio of 1:2

Donors:- the school has been receiving Aid from individual an NGO’s.

The school appreciates the Aid received from TIME TO HELP c/o Omeriye Educational and Medical Foundation

The Organization are from Turkey who contributed Desks,

Mattresses, and chairs primary and for the kindergartens

Pupils. All are welcome for the upbringing of the orphans.

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Computer classes; computer have been brought to the school and we are

Soon going to start the computer classes wiring is now being

Done in the computer room already tables are in the room.

TEXT BOOKS; the textbooks are not enough. The ration to this is 1:6

Why we need urgent care and attention ?


  • we do not have playing equipment especially kindergartens
  • The playground is small for the pupil.
  • Computers are to be bought for the mid upper classes
  • More computer teachers are to be employed.

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